Preparing your application

Hints and tips for writing applications for Victorian Government jobs

Preparing your application

Here are a few tips to help graduates put together an application for a position with the Victorian Government.

There is even more information about career planning, job searching, applications and interviews on the Victorian Government Careers Website. We recommend you take a look if this is your first application.


The Advertisement

Read the advertisements posted on the Careers website very carefully.

If you have found a position you want to apply for, we recommend saving a copy of the advertisement and any attached documents to your own computer before you begin to prepare your application. Don't rely on links and bookmarks alone- if you are selected for an interview, you will need these documents (and possibly the contact details of the hiring department) to prepare and they will not be available online once applications have closed.


Addressing Key Selection Criteria (KSC)

If you haven't applied for a position with us before, you may not have completed a document addressing key selection criteria. 

Most positions with the Victorian Government require you to complete a separate document addressing key selection criteria. In this document, you will use examples of past experience to demonstrate that you have the required skills and experience.

Try to keep your answers as concise as possible and remember to use the STAR method in your responses:

Situation - What was the situation/context where you demonstrated these skills?

Task - What was the task you carried out in this situation?

Approach - What actions did you take that demonstrate the skills/criterion requested? Remember to be specific about YOUR role if the task was carried out by a team.

Result - or outcome. What was the end result?

Here's an example:

KSC 1: Problem solving – Seeks all relevant facts. Liaises with stakeholders. Analyses issues from different perspectives and draws sound inferences from available data. Identifies and proposes workable solutions.

Problem solving has been a critical part of my roles over the past five years. While working as Customer Complaints Officer at Acme Department Stores, I dealt with a variety of problems. While many could be resolved easily, two to three per week were more complex and required a detailed process to resolve. I had to investigate what had happened from the staff and customer’s points of view, clarify the facts, and work out what had gone wrong and why. I then had to propose suitable solutions and negotiate a mutually satisfactory outcome. I was often commended by my manager for my sensitive handling and speedy resolution of these problems. Less than one per cent of complaints had to be escalated. 


Writing your résumé

You can find a sample résumé on the Victorian Government Careers website.

All job application tips start with a good résumé. It is important that your résumé presents your personal information, education and work background in a clear and structured way. This will not only make it easier for the interview panel to identify and contact you, but also make it easier for the panel to see how your capabilities, personal qualities and background fit the job. You also need to include at least two referees and their contact details.

Your résumé should be sharp and concise. Be sure to include any previous experience- even if you think it is not relevant to a government job. Jobs you had while studying or even during school can all demonstrate your skill set and work ethic and we would love to hear about them.

You can also think about any volunteer experience, or project work you have completed during your studies. 


Applying Online

When your application is complete you can submit applications for general positions through the Victorian Government Careers website by clicking the APPLY NOW button found on the position advertisement.