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Apply for the GRADS

The GRADS Application Process

Online Application

The online questionnaire is a very important part of the Victorian Public Service Graduate Recruitment and Development Scheme (VPS GRADS) recruitment process. This is your first opportunity to demonstrate your alignment with the selection criteria, and not all candidates will progress past this phase.

You can preview the application form or start filling it out, save it, and return to it later.

For more information including hints and tips, we recommend taking a look at our Candidate Guide.PDF

Applications for the 2019 GRADS are now open! Apply now!

Online assessments

Should your application progress to the next stage, you will be invited to complete two online aptitude assessments- Numerical Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning. These assessments use technology that adapts to your individual ability in these areas. If you respond correctly to an item, you will receive more challenging subsequent items. If you respond incorrectly to an item, the system will present items that are better aligned to your level of challenge.

You may find these tests more challenging than other assessments as you will not be presented with items that are below your ability level. Strong candidates often underestimate how well they have performed on these assessments.

We administer these particular assessments because they help the Victorian Public Service to predict how quickly you will learn new information during the graduate program and how effectively you will use information, sometimes in ambiguous situations, to solve problems.

Assessment Centre

If your performance on the online assessment meets our benchmarks, you'll be invited to attend a half-day session at an assessment centre.

The GRADS assessment centres use activities to assess your capability in relation to the selection criteria. We understand that each individual has unique strengths, so the process is designed to provide each candidate with an opportunity to best demonstrate their capability.

You’ll be asked to complete the following assessment activities:

  • a role play
  • a case study exercise on a personal computer
  • a behavioural interview (incorporating technical questions for Economist stream candidates)

You will also have the opportunity to chat informally with VPS staff and past graduates.

For more information including hints and tips, we recommend taking a look at our Candidate Guide.PDF

The GRADS Talent Pool

Those meeting benchmarks for each of the selection criteria assessed during the assessment centre sessions will be placed in the GRADS talent pool.

Candidates in the talent pool are then selected for interviews with departments in accordance with role types.

The GRADS talent pool is current until the commencement of the GRADS each year. If your application progresses to the talent pool and you no longer wish to be considered for the VPS GRADS, please inform the VPS GRADS team immediately, and withdraw your application by logging on to your profile at

Interviews with Departments and Agencies

Department and agency interviews are the final face-to-face step in the selection process and the point at which departments and agencies select candidates who best meet their needs.

The duration of interviews can vary according to the department or agency. Before each interview, you’ll be briefed by a member of the VPS GRADS team on the interview structure and expected duration.

You will also be provided with a position description for the ongoing role you will fill following completion of your GRADS year.

You may be invited to attend one or more interviews with individual government departments and agencies.

For further information, or hints and tips for your application, download our VPS GRADS Candidate guide and Candidate Attraction Booklet:

Candidate Guide.PDF

Candidate Attraction Booklet.pdf