Aimee McCartney

Aboriginal Pathway to the VPS GRADS, 2014

Aimee McCartney

Aboriginal Pathway Graduate 2014

What did you study?

Bachelor of Arts with a Double Major in Archeology and Australian Studies

What attracted you to apply for the Aboriginal Pathway to the GRADS?

At the end of my degree I wanted to experience something different and be put out of the comfort zone. I saw this program and I was attracted to the aspect of meeting new people and having experiences in three other government departments.

What do/ did you enjoy about the graduate program?

Meeting new people and creating networks within each department,

How did entering the GRADS via the Aboriginal Pathway help you?

I was able to create a solid network of aboriginal pathway graduates and be associated with other Indigenous people working in the Public Service.

What kind of impact has the GRADS and the Aboriginal Pathway had on your life and career?

This year I have made a lot of new friends and ultimately have realized what I want to do in my career and who I want to surround myself with.