Danyka Sherrin

Aboriginal Pathway to the VPS GRADS, 2014

Danyka Sherrin

Aboriginal Pathway Graduate 2014

What did you study?

Bachelor of Science (Ecology, Evolution and Zoology)

What attracted you to apply for the Aboriginal Pathway to the GRADS?

I applied to the general VPS GRADS, unaware of the Aboriginal Pathway option. Fortunately, I had checked the Aboriginal heritage box and the lovely Pathway Manager got in touch with me about the Pathway option. The earlier and longer selection times greatly appealed to me as I wasn’t in the country at the time and would have missed out otherwise.

What do/ did you enjoy about the graduate program?

I greatly enjoyed all the different learning opportunities and experiences I got in the different departments. It has been a great chance to meet various people and really see what kind of public services jobs are out there.

How did entering the GRADS via the Aboriginal Pathway help you?

I really appreciated the secondary advice I get from my mentor when I am stuck on something. It has ranged from the daily worries of clothing expectations to how to manage managers and juggle different projects.

What kind of impact has the GRADS and the Aboriginal Pathway had on your life and career?

GRADS and the Pathway have had a huge impact on my career – they’ve started it! I’ve really enjoyed meeting everyone and attending both formal and informal events over the year.