Hannah Naley

Aboriginal Pathway to the VPS GRADS, 2013

Hannah Naley

Aboriginal Pathway Graduate 2013

What did you study?

International Relations

What attracted you to apply for the Aboriginal Pathway to the GRADS?

I really liked the idea that we rotate to three different departments throughout the year, but that you also have an ongoing job at the end of the program.

What do/ did you enjoy about the graduate program?

I enjoyed the training and professional development opportunities that were given to me throughout the year. I also made some really good friends through GRADS.

How did entering the GRADS via the Aboriginal Pathway help you?

There was a lot of support and assistance offered via entering through the Pathway. It also linked you in with a great group of people, both other graduates and more senior public servants, which was a big help when I first started.

What kind of impact has the GRADS and the Aboriginal Pathway had on your life and career?

A huge impact. I moved from Adelaide to take part in the GRADS program and the Pathway lead me to meeting some of my best friends here in Melbourne.