Maddison Miller

Aboriginal Pathway to the VPS GRADS, 2014

Maddison Miller

Aboriginal Pathway Graduate 2014

What did you study?

Bachelor of Archaeology, La Trobe University

What attracted you to apply for the Aboriginal Pathway to the GRADS?

The pathway was appealing to me because it showed me that the Victorian Government was serious about Aboriginal employment.

What do/ did you enjoy about the graduate program?

The learning and development component has been very beneficial to me. It has helped build my skill sets and widen my knowledge in areas that weren’t accessible to me outside of the grad year.

The social aspects have also been a major highlight for me. I moved from regional Victoria and involving myself in the social activities has helped me meet new people and make some really valuable friendships.

How did entering the GRADS via the Aboriginal Pathway help you?

The pathway has put in me in the path of inspiring young aboriginal colleagues. It has given me a support net and access to a wealth of knowledge across the VPS.

The mentoring offered has helped me shape my career and given me support and guidance.

What kind of impact has the GRADS and the Aboriginal Pathway had on your life and career?

The GRADS scheme and the pathway in particular have helped me plan my career and decide where my priorities lay. The ability to seek guidance from senior public servants across the VPS and wider networks has been fundamental in shaping my career path.