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Everything you need to know to find success with the Victorian Government

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So you’ve finally finished your studies. For now if not forever…

Now you need to find a job. Not just any job though, something you love.

Something you’re excited to do. Something that gives you that feeling of purpose when you’re brushing your teeth on a weekday morning.

You want to make a difference. You’re not looking to save the world in the next year or so, but you want to contribute somehow. You also want your contribution to help you succeed. So you can make a bigger difference down the track.

You’re looking for where your stellar career might begin.

Welcome to the Victorian Government.

The information in this section should tell you everything you need to know about careers with the Victorian Government for graduates. There are so many possibilities and pathways to join us.

The VPS Graduate Recruitment and Development Scheme (GRADS)

Take a look at our flagship program featuring VPS departments and agencies. There are opportunities here for generalist, accounting and finance, legal and economist streams. The VPS GRADS also includes the Aboriginal Pathway to the VPS GRADS.

More Graduate Programs

Yes, we have more than one.

Some departments and agencies have their own graduate programs or streams including generalist programs, as well as specialist programs for specific disciplines, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander graduates, or people with a disability to name a few.

General public sector employment for graduates

If programs and schemes are not your thing, have you considered applying for general roles? This information will help graduates prepare for applying for jobs with the Victorian Government.

Still not sure a Victorian Government career is for you? Read on.

What type of work can I do?

There are so many different organisations, roles and responsibilities within the Victorian Government. Your work might include policy, administration, procurement, contract management, stakeholder engagement, community development, communications, science, healthcare, education, emergency services, and the list goes on and on.

To take a look the current types of roles available, you should visit our Victorian Government Careers Website for further info.

Who we recruit

We’re proud of our state’s economy, quality health and education systems, healthy environment, caring communities and vibrant democracy.

But there’s still important work to do.

To help strengthen our performance in these areas, we need graduates from all sorts of disciplines and all kinds of backgrounds.

Working Conditions

Making a meaningful contribution isn’t the only reason to join us. The public service enjoys attractive workplace conditions under the Victorian Public Service Enterprise Agreement 2016.

Want to maintain your work life balance? Think you might want your employer to support you in further study? What about flexible work arrangements like purchased leave? These things and more can all be negotiated with your employers within the Victorian Government.

Most Victorian Government organisations have similar conditions but if they aren’t covered by the VPS Agreement, you might want to check out their own enterprise bargaining agreement for the details. These are usually available online or by contacting the organisation.