Frequently asked questions, and answers!


What is the Victorian Public Service (VPS)?

While part of the wider public sector, the VPS includes the state government departments and portfolio related authorities and offices.

The departments are:

  • Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources
  • Department of Education and Training
  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • Department of Justice and Regulation
  • Department of Premier and Cabinet
  • Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
  • Department of Treasury and Finance

Our portfolio offices and agencies work closely with departments. For example, the Environment Protection Authority is part of the Environment and Primary Industries portfolio, the State Revenue Office is part of Treasury and Finance portfolio and Victoria Police is part of the Justice portfolio.

Do I have to have a degree to apply for graduate opportunities?

A minimum qualification of a Bachelor degree is required for commencement with the Graduate Recruitment and Development Scheme (GRADS).

Other graduate programs and positions may have different minimum requirements (such as diploma or post graduate qualifications). We recommend checking program websites, or contacting the departments hosting each program to check the minimum requirements. Information about other graduate programs can be found here.

What about TAFE qualifications?

Some programs (such as cadetships and traineeships) require qualifications such as Certificates and Diplomas. If you are unsure of your eligibility, please click here for more information on graduate programs, or contact us to confirm your eligibility.

The GRADS has a minimum requirement of a Bachelor’s degree. This can come from any recognised (accredited) institution.

What is the GRADS?

GRADS is the Victorian Public Service Graduate Recruitment and Development Scheme – the 12 month program offering graduates intensive learning and development, placements across Victorian Public Service departments, an ongoing position and much more. Click here for further information.

How is the GRADS different to other graduate programs?

GRADS is the flagship whole-of-government graduate development program offering placements across departments and a structured intensive learning and development program.

There are also other programs operating within single departments. For more information on other graduate programs click here.

Can international students apply for the GRADS and other graduate opportunities?

This depends on your visa or residency status. As the GRADS includes an ongoing role with a Victorian Public Service department or agency, graduates must be able to work in Australia on an ongoing basis when they apply. If you are not eligible to work in Australia on an ongoing basis at the time you are applying, you may wish to explore other graduate programs or graduate positions that offer fixed term employment for the duration of your current visa or work permit.

You can find more information about eligibility to work with the Victorian Government here.

Where will I be working if I work with the Victorian Government?

Victorian Government employees work throughout the state in both metropolitan and regional areas depending on their role. Some Victorian Government employees are even based interstate.

GRADS positions are based in metropolitan Melbourne. Most roles are based in the CBD, but some roles are found in the wider metropolitan areas.

Some graduate programs or roles are based in regional areas best suited to the nature of their work.
For more information about the location of graduate positions, we recommend visiting departmental websites for further information.

Can I join a graduate program on a part time basis?

The GRADS is a 12 month program requiring successful completion of extensive leanring and development generally requiring full time participation. However, part time arrangements can be made to support graduates with special needs or in exceptional circumstances. We recommend you discuss your needs with the VPS GRADS Team.

Some graduate programs and positions (not part of the GRADS) may offer part time options. We recommend you discuss your needs with program coordinators or HR contacts in the host department for the program you are interested in.

What are classifications?

Classifications are the codes representing each employment grade or level. Victorian Public Service positions usually have a VPSG classification followed by a number, beginning at VPSG1. These levels indicate salary as well as assumed capability and the level of responsibility typically associated with the role.

What classification should I be as a graduate?

Entry level roles appropriate for graduates are usually classified as VPSG2 or VPSG3. However, this doesn't mean that graduates can perform every role classified at this level.

While classifications can help you narrow your job search, it is important to ensure you meet the key selection criteria for any role or program rather than basing your application on the classification. Read all program and position descriptions you are interested in carefully. You can find more information about key selection criteria here.

What are key selection criteria?

Job selection criteria are also known as key selection criteria or KSC. They are designed to help make the best match between the requirements of a position and the knowledge and skills of an applicant. Some areas of government require applicants to respond to specific KSC. No matter how well qualified or suited you are to a position, if you do not address them when required, your application will not make it through to the interview stage. So make sure you check what information you need to provide, before submitting your application, as requirements vary across departments and agencies.

You can find more information about addressing key selection criteria here on the Graduates website and on the Victorian Government Careers website.

I have applied for a graduate program or job, when will I hear from someone? How can I check the status of my application?

If you have applied for the GRADS, you will receive emails at each stage of the process advising of the progress of your application. If you are unsure and wish to speak to someone about the status of your application, you can find contact details here. Your online profile will also indicate the status of your application.

If you have applied for another graduate program you can contact the program coordinators to request information about your application if you haven’t received any emails. Contact details should be available on the hosting department’s website. Alternatively, you can contact Human Resources. A list of contacts is available here.

If you have applied for a position through the Victorian Government Careers website and have not received an email confirmation or wish to check the status of your application, we recommend contacting the person specified on the advertisement as the contact person for that role.

What kind of work experience do I need to apply for graduate opportunities?

We understand that recent graduates may not have a lot, or any, work experience. This is not a requirement for the GRADS. This may not be the case for other programs and it is best to check the website for each program, or contact the host department or agency.

You will however, need to demonstrate that you meet any key selection criteria for the GRADS, or any other graduate opportunity and experience is highly regarded as evidence supporting your claims of meeting key selection criteria. You can use examples from work experience including part time or casual ‘uni jobs’ in areas such as retail, hospitality or customer service. (These can make great examples so don’t leave them out!).

You should also think about any volunteer or project experience you may have gained during your studies - these can all make great examples. For more information about key selection criteria, click here.

Can I do work experience or internships with the Victorian Government?

There are a number of opportunities for work experience across the Victorian Government. However, each department manages their own work experience and internship policies and programs. There is some information about internship programs on this site, but you can also contact the HR divisions of each department to find out if there is work experience available where you are interested in working.

I have accidently withdrawn my online application for the GRADS, how can I resubmit?

Once applications for the GRADS have closed, applicants are no longer able to resubmit applications. So we recommend you submit your application well before the closing date, and keep a saved copy of your application. If you inadvertently withdraw your application before applications have closed, you will need to contact us to complete a new application.

I have not received a confirmation that my application has been received, what should I do?

For GRADS applications, check your spam folder first, in case it got lost. You can check the status fo your application at any time by logging into your profile on careers.vic.gov.au.

For other programs and graduate jobs, you can contact the hosting/recruiting department to confirm receipt of your application. A list of HR contacts can be found here.

How can I get feedback on my application?

Unsuccessful GRADS candidates will be offered the opportunity to receive feedback at the step of the process where the application was unsuccessful. The email advising that an application will not progress will contain information about how to request feedback.

For other programs and graduate jobs, you can contact the host/recruiting department to request feedback.

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