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Information for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Graduates

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Applications for the 2019 Aboriginal Pathway to the Victorian Public Service Graduate Recruitment and Development Scheme open shortly.

Karreeta Yirramboi- the Victorian Government’s Aboriginal Employment Strategy

Karreeta Yirramboi is the Victorian Government’s plan to improve public sector employment outcomes for Aboriginal Victorians. Karreeta is the Gunditjmara word for “grow” and Yirramboi is the Taungurung word meaning “tomorrow”.

Karreeta Yirramboi aims to increase Aboriginal participation in the Victorian public sector workforce.

For a closer look at the Karreeta Yirramboi Action Plan CLICK HERE.

To help achieve and exceed this target, many departments have created programs and other opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander graduates.

A wide range of people, resources and programs is currently available to support Indigenous candidates through attraction, recruitment and into successful ongoing careers in the Victorian Public Sector.

Many public sector organisations offer specific programs such as study programs, graduate programs, traineeships, cadetships and scholarships that are only available to Indigenous applicants.

For more information about these opportunities click here, or visit Victorian Government Department websites.

If you are not looking for a graduate program, you may want to take a look at the information on the Victorian Government Careers website to assist you in preparing to apply for an advertised role.

Working with the Indigenous Community: Identified and designated roles

The Victorian Government recognises the value and importance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s experiences and perspectives, especially when working with the Indigenous community. Merit based selection applies to all recruitment into the Victorian Public Service and Victorian Public Sector.

Roles may be Designated Indigenous roles, meaning that only Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander applicants will be considered for these roles. These are advertised with information stating that only Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are eligible to apply for the position and may list an employer’s exemption from the Equal Opportunity Act in relation to the vacancy.

Identified Indigenous roles also have a list of key selection criteria where applicants are required to demonstrate their knowledge and experience relevant to delivering services to Indigenous communities.

Non-Indigenous people with relevant experience are also eligible to apply for Identified roles.

A note on language

Throughout this website, the term Aboriginal is used to refer to all Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. It is inclusive of people in Victoria who identify as Indigenous Australians, Aboriginal Australians, Koori and Koorie. Other terms may be used when referring to titles or programs.

What it means to be Aboriginal

An Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander is a person:

  • of Aboriginal descent
  • who identifies as being of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent
  • is accepted as such within the community in which he or she lives or has lived.