Why work with us?

Just a few of our employee benefits and conditions

Working with the Victorian Government means you will enjoy a range of employee benefits – from attractive salaries and flexible leave arrangements, to training and development opportunities.

Making a meaningful contribution isn’t the only reason to join us. The public service enjoys attractive workplace conditions under the Victorian Public Service Workplace Determination 2016. (or Word Version)

Want to maintain your work life balance?

Think you might want your employer to support you in further study?

What about flexible work arrangements like purchased leave?

These things and more can all be negotiated with your employers within the Victorian Government.

Most Victorian Government organisations have similar conditions but if they aren’t covered by the VPS Agreement, you might want to check out their enterprise bargaining agreement for the details. These are usually available online or by contacting the organisation. A list of HR contacts can be found here.

But don't take our word for it, read about each department and agency and the graduate experience.Candidate Attraction Booklet.pdf (Candidate Attraction Booklet.docx).


Let’s talk dollars.

We offer competitive salaries to attract the best people to work for us. Government employees also enjoy benefits like salary packaging, pre-tax dollars to 'top up' superannuation, access to a novated leased vehicle for full private use and discounted private health insurance cover. Other tax-effective work-related and deductible items are offered, including laptop computers, professional membership fees and home office expenses.

You can take a look at the current VPS salary structure here (Schedule B in the VPS Workplace Determination, p.107). Keep in mind that not all departments and agencies use the same agreement.

Most graduates are looking for entry level roles. So if you are just finishing university and have little or no work experience, you might want to take a look at roles classified at VPSG2 or VPSG3.

You can also take a look at what kind of responsibility goes with each classification in Schedule E, in the VPS Workplace Determination, p.144.

Graduates joining the Graduate Recruitment and Development Scheme start as VPSG2.1.6. This means a starting salary of $55,160 (plus superannuation from 1 January 2018).

Career opportunities

We want to attract the best quality graduates, so our career structure and employee benefits packages try to ensure that you can enjoy real career development, opportunity and satisfaction.

You will find our career structure is built on merit-based appointment to grades, but also allows for individual career progression. You and your manager will agree on your progression criteria every year, so you'll always know what you need to achieve to move to the next stage of your career. You can find out more about the VPS Career Structure by checking out Schedule B in the VPS Workplace Determination, p.107.

Learning and development

We're committed to providing individual training and development opportunities to help you gain knowledge and skills that develop your talents. This is especially true during your graduate year- lots of development for you is a worthwhile investment for us.

Your performance and development plan will contain specific training opportunities to help you meet your training objectives. This might involve a range of development opportunities throughout your graduate program including networking, training and exposure to various areas of your profession.

If you are not going through a graduate program, learning and development could involve study for formal qualifications (for example, employee benefits include study leave to prepare for and attend examinations), or attending conferences and seminars to keep up to date with all the latest developments.

Then there is the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG), which has been established as a 'centre of excellence' and offers programs to emerging public sector leaders. Click here to read more about ANZSOG.

Work/life balance

We recognise that there's more to life than work, so we support you in achieving a work/life balance. Subject to your employer's approval, part-time work, job sharing, home-based work and paid additional annual leave work modes have the potential to add more flexibility to your lifestyle. Additional support and employee benefits are also given to parents returning to work and those in dependent or elder care situations.You can have a chat about all of this with your manager - just think of the possibilities.

Leave provisions

The Victorian Government offers an extensive range of leave provisions to help you balance your work and personal commitments. If you are employed under the VPS Workplace Determination 2016 these employee entitlements and benefits include:

Annual and personal/carer's leave – Take a break! Four weeks paid annual leave is provided per year and an additional loading payment is made for annual leave taken. This leave can also be taken at half pay. Personal and carer's leave is included in VPS employment conditions for a range of needs.

Long service leave – It’s a way off yet, but after 10 years continuous service you are entitled to three months leave on full pay or you can take pro rata leave after seven years. Additional leave is accrued on a pro rata basis thereafter. Prior service with other approved Government organisations may be recognised for long service leave purposes. Something to look forward to.

Paid parental leave – Fourteen weeks paid parental leave, and up to 38 weeks without pay, is available after a qualifying period. Fathers and partners do not miss out on parental employee benefits, with two weeks paternity/partner leave given for the birth of a child, plus up to 51 weeks leave without pay.

Special leave – A range of leave provisions including carer’s and compassionate leave, in the event of death or serious illness; adoption leave; defence force leave; jury service leave; cultural leave; as well as leave for union training and occupational health and safety training.