Who are we looking for?

Eligibility and Key Selection Criteria

Eligibility to work in government

To gain employment with the Victorian Government you need to be:

  • an Australian or New Zealand Citizen with a birth certificate, citizenship certificate or current passport as proof of eligibility. Only Australian citizens, permanent residents of Australia and New Zealand citizens who have entered Australia on a valid passport, are allowed to stay and work in Australia without restriction; or
  • a non-citizen with a valid visa that provides work rights. A current passport containing the visa is proof of eligibility. As the visa has an expiry date, non-citizens can only engage in casual, temporary or fixed term roles that do not extend beyond the expiry date. Visitors on a Working Holiday visa are permitted to work in temporary or casual roles, but for no longer than six months with any one employer.

Your employer will need to see original documents as evidence of your right to work. The Victorian Government supports sponsorship of temporary overseas employees and skilled migration for certain occupations.

Visit the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship for more information.

Some departments and agencies require satisfactory police checks, working with children and/or security checks before they will employ you.

Values and Key Selection Criteria

The Victorian Government has a rich and dynamic culture that values an adaptable and innovative public sector committed to serving government and the wider community. Our staff are working towards one common goal – a positive future for all Victorians.

What are we looking for in our graduate recruits?

We recruit high potential graduates who want to contribute to Victoria's future, and we consider the whole person when assessing applicants: your values, skills, work experience, involvement in extra-curricular activities (for example, in sport or as a volunteer), and other community interests.

We are looking for graduates with the following values:


  • providing frank, impartial and timely advice to the Government
  • providing high quality services to the Victorian community
  • identifying and promoting best practice.


  • being honest, open and transparent in their dealings
  • using powers responsibly
  • reporting improper conduct
  • avoiding real or apparent conflicts of interest
  • striving to earn and sustain public trust at the highest level.


  • making decisions and providing advice on merit without bias, caprice, favouritism or self-interest
  • acting fairly by objectively considering all relevant facts and applying fair criteria
  • implementing Government policies and programs equitably.


  • working to clear objectives in a transparent manner
  • accepting responsibility for their decisions and actions
  • seeking to achieve best use of resources
  • submitting themselves to appropriate scrutiny.


  • treating others fairly and objectively
  • ensuring freedom from discrimination, harassment and bullying
  • using their views to improve outcomes on an ongoing basis.


  • actively implementing, promoting and supporting these values.

Human Rights

Public Officials should also respect and promote the human rights set out in the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 by:

  • making decisions and providing advice consistent with human rights
  • actively implementing, promoting and supporting human rights.

Be part of a diverse and supportive workplace

People from all walks of life are employed by the Victorian Government in a huge range of roles. An important part of our culture is respecting the diversity and backgrounds of each employee. Managers are trained to listen to the needs of employees and provide support that is relevant to their career goals and personal values.

You can download a copy of the VPS Code of Conduct here.