The VPS Graduate Recruitment and Development Scheme

The Victorian Public Service offers an exciting Graduate Recruitment and Development Scheme (GRADS) – a perfect start to a career serving Victorian communities.

The GRADS is a 12-month development program where you have the opportunity to learn about public service and contribute to a variety of initiatives.

You are employed by one department or agency but you’ll get to experience placements in two more departments or agencies throughout the year.

Best of all, you are guaranteed a position with your home department and a promotion on successful completion of the program.

Salaries and benefits
Graduates in the GRADS receive an attractive package of salaries and benefits and are on a fast track to a successful career in public service.

Learning and development opportunities
Structured training throughout the year is designed to equip you with the skills to build a solid foundation for a career in the public service.

Variety of locations and work
You may work in more than one department and experience a variety of locations throughout the CBD and Metropolitan Melbourne. Location, location, location.

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The Graduate Streams

The GRADS has ‘streams’ to maximise your employment opportunities and make sure you’re doing what you do best:

Generalist Stream

No matter your discipline: Accounting, Arts, Commerce, Economics, Social Science, Communications, Law, Mathematics or Marketing, to name just a few, this could be the place for you. The generalist GRADS has opportunities for graduates from any academic discipline.

As a generalist, you'll find heaps of variety across departments and agencies, roles and the types of work you might be doing. Everything from policy to community engagement to research and reporting… the list goes on.

Don’t really know what these roles really involve? For a closer look at what you could be doing as a generalist, take a look at our graduate profiles.

Generalists have three placements throughout the year, and return to an ongoing role at the end of the program. They also take part in the learning and development program.

The generalist GRADS will turn you into an experienced and well-rounded public servant. You might experience departments and work you hadn’t considered before. You may even find your perfect career path along the way.

Hear from our generalist graduates working in policy and project roles

Hear from our generalist graduates working in communication, marketing and HR roles

Accounting and Finance Stream

The Accounting and Finance stream is open to graduates with a major in accounting or finance. Since you put in the effort in Accounting and Finance at university, you’ll be doing work using your accounting and finance skills and knowledge during each placement in this stream.

You’ll complete the GRADS learning and development and you’ll also have specialised training in accounting and finance.

Hear from our accounting and finance graduates

Economics Stream

The Economics stream is open to graduates with a minimum of an economics major.

The work undertaken in the economist stream predominantly requires the use of economic analysis skills at a level consistent with a graduate with a major in Economics. As well as taking part in the GRADS learning and development program economist stream graduates have access to economics training.

Hear from our economics graduates