Economist Stream


The Victorian Public Service (VPS) is one of Australia’s biggest recruiters of graduate economists. Economist graduates work across numerous Victorian Government departments, including the Department of Treasury and Finance, the Department of Premier and Cabinet, and the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources.

Our economist graduates work alongside some of Australia’s most capable economists and analysts and have access to a tailored training program to help them apply their economic knowledge to real policy problems facing Victoria.

Training includes topics such as taxation policy, behavioural economics, excel, data and statistics workshops and market design. This training is co-ordinated by the Department of Treasury and Finance and is designed to assist you in applying your economics skills and experience to public policy, and to position you to contribute in policy units across the Victorian Public Service.

All economist graduates will typically complete at least one rotation in the Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) during their graduate year.

The Economist Stream recruits graduates majoring in economics or econometrics. Your values, skills, work experience, interests and community activities are all considered as part of your application. Graduates are taken from all universities, and the year your degree was completed is not relevant. We recruit a broad range of people, from recent graduates to those with workforce experience.

More information about the economist stream can be found in our downloadable brochure.

In addition there is economic career information available at the DTF graduate opportunities page.

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