GRADS Learning and Development

The GRADS Learning and Development Program

GRADS Learning and Development

Many of our graduates have recently completed university. The good news is that from now on most of your learning and development will be work-based.


As part of the GRADS, you’ll start out with your employer - one Victorian Public Service department or agency that will be your home department.

Most graduates then rotate through two other placements during the course of the program. This gives you variety and experience in different departments and agencies.

Click here to take a look at the participating departments and agencies.

The GRADS Learning and Development Program

While most of your training will be on-the-job, there are a few things you’ll be grateful to learn through our comprehensive formal training program during the course of the year.

Here you can read an overview of the generalist training program. There is also information available about training for specialist streams here.

Generalist training includes:

  • Welcome to the VPS - Induction
  • Writing for government
  • Ethics, Privacy and Freedom of Information
  • Project management
  • Team building
  • Report writing
  • Presentation skills
  • Public policy
  • Human Rights Charter Act

Executive Mentoring

Executive Mentoring gives you the opportunity to receive professional support from a senior public servant. Participating senior staff are interested in your development and volunteer their experience, knowledge and valuable time.

Your group will organise regular meetings with your mentor (around six times during the year).

Graduate Learning Teams

Graduate Learning Teams (GLTs) are small groups of graduates from a range of disciplines in your home department. These teams work to develop and deliver a project proposed and sponsored by the department.

To help you with this project, parts of the formal learning and development program are designed to help your GLT develop and complete your project.