GRADS Specialist Learning and Development

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GRADS Specialist Learning and Development

Specialist Training

Accounting and Finance and Economist Stream graduates participate in additional learning and development activities which address specific technical and professional development needs. 


Accounting and Finance specialist training

The Department of Treasury and Finance coordinates the delivery of a Professional Graduate Accounting and Finance Module for all graduates employed in the Accounting and Finance stream of the GRADS.

There are three components to the accounting and finance module:

  1. Technical Workshops
  2. Research and Development: Project Experience
  3. Professional Readiness: Professional Growth

Want more info? You can download a copy of the Accounting and Finance brochure here. 

Economist specialist training

Economist stream graduates are offered a Professional Graduate Economist Module (PGEM) co-ordinated by the Department of Treasury and Finance and designed to ensure you are equipped to develop your economics skills and experience, and to position you to contribute fully as an economist in policy units across the Victorian Public Service.

There are four components of the PGEM:

  1. Contemporary Issues: Knowledge Building
  2. Economist's Toolkit: Skills Development Participation in workshops
  3. Research and development: Project Experience
  4. Professional Readiness: Professional Growth

For more information about the PGEM and what each component includes, you can download a brochure here.