GRADS Salary and Benefits

What we offer our GRADS

GRADS Salary and Benefits

We offer our graduates an attractive and competitive salary, along with a range of benefits enjoyed by the Victorian Public Service.


You'll start out as a Classification VPSG2.1.6 This means you'll be earning a salary of $56,967.00 (plus superannuation from 1 January 2019).

When you successfully complete the GRADS, you will return to your home department and progress to a VPSG3. This comes with a salary of $67,866.00 (plus superannuation effective from 1 January 2019).

Working hours

Normal working conditions are 38 hours per week with flexible work practices. This includes the potential for flexible start and finish times, and working from home options.

Study leave

Study leave arrangements are generally available following your initial year in the VPS, depending on individual department and agency policies. Study leave provisions are a great option to explore once you have completed your graduate year.

Discuss any further studies you are considering with your supervisor when you start work.

You want more benefits?

  • private health scheme discounts
  • additional pay during holidays (leave loading)
  • trading salary for additional leave (purchased leave)
  • potential for extended leave without pay

More information on the benefits and conditions of working in Victorian Government is available on the Victorian Government Careers website.